1. New Revenue Within 4 Weeks

campaign_advantages_target.jpgAs an example of what volume of revenue Spider Linker™ actually delivers, last year for our customers in 32 countries, Spider Linker™ delivered increases in total online revenue ranging from $3.2 million, or 10.8% of their total online revenue, to over $38 million for one of our larger customers, or 6.78% of their total online revenue.

Contact us and let us show you how we can do the same or better for your company.

Without your company changing any SEO or other online marketing program, YourAmigo will generate separate, incremental online revenue (3%-25% extra online revenue) over and above the total revenue you are currently earning from all current online marketing programs.  Our campaigns are designed to start generating this new revenue in only 4 weeks.

2. Positive ROI and Profit

Spider Linker™ gives our customers an organic search campaign that is structured to deliver ROI-positive and profitable results at your target ROAS.

3. Minimal Impact on Your IT Team

We currently manage and optimize approximately 60 million pages every day for customers in 32 countries and have the capacity to quickly, easily and cost-effectively launch a Spider Linker™ campaign to start generating revenue just 4 weeks from go live, all with minimal impact on your IT team.

4. Low Risk

Small setup fee + pay-for-performance pricing = small starting budget, and immediate ROI-positive results. Because of our business model, it's in our best interests to ensure that you are getting the ROAS you set out to achieve. If you're not happy, you're not locked into any contracts and can leave on 30 day's notice.

5. ROI Tracking Dashboard

Spider Linker™ has unique, separately traceable URLs. This means that using YourAmigo's analytics dashboard, you can clearly see all the data about your site users, search engines, ROI analytics, and download reports on exactly how much extra revenue YourAmigo is generating for you.

6. Gap Analysis to Increase Your Online Presence

Spider Linker's artificial intelligence and unique capabilities analyze website content and find deficiencies or gaps according to what search terms are known to convert online. Spider Linker™ then intelligently creates additional pages for searchers, filling the gap between what terms people search on and what information your website pages consist of.

7. Improved Customer Experience

As well as providing your customers with improved ways to find your products online through improving organic search listings, Spider Linker™ provides contextual merchandising and advertising, product reviews, and suggestions to most popular products or alternatives if products are out of stock. This not only increases your average order value and overall sales, but also improves your customers' experience with your brand and online store.

8. Scalability Is Not An Issue

Data is critical to the success of any scalable program, and YourAmigo manages and optimizes approximately 60 million pages every day, monitoring more than 5 billion keywords and searcher behavior data to create more revenue-generating pages and traffic coming to your site.

9. Change Your Website As Much As You Need To

Spider Linker™ is not only fully scalable, but allows for content changes in real time. Anytime a site user views a Spider Linker™ page, our software also verifies your products and price with your database in real time. We automatically keep your campaign up-to-date, so you don't have to.

10. Run Concurrent Yet Separate Online Campaigns

If you want to run a YourAmigo campaign and separate SEO and/or SEM campaigns concurrently, without cannibalizing those programs, to see who gives the best value, you can. No matter whether you are using in-house SEO or another outside SEO vendor (or both), you can still implement the Spider Linker™ portfolio of organic search marketing services with only 1 hour of IT time required.

11. Portfolio of Unique Services

We add value to our customers' organic search campaigns by offering a host of free features designed to maximize online sales, where customers come to us as a one-stop-shop without the need to engage multiple vendors.

Spider Linker™ has been used by some of the world's largest companies, such as Office Depot, Sony, News Corporation, General Motors, Redcats, Avon and Grainger, and other world leaders who we can't disclose due to confidentiality agreements.

In Summary

Advantages of working with YourAmigo on an organic search campaign can be summed up succinctly - It's All About the Volume of Sales at Your Target ROAS.

Campaign Advantages

"Spider Linker™ gave us an easy, cost-effective and quick way of growing overall online revenue by 16%."
CSO, Outdoor Products Leader
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